Pyaar EK Tarfaa lyrics song by Amaal Malik: Na maine kuchh kaha hai, Na usne kuchh suna hai, Yeh khwab toh akele... read full lyrics continue.

This song is sung by Amaal Malik and Shreya Ghoshal in his own voice and it has been composed by Amaal Mallik in the best way. Talking about its lyrics, it is written by Manoj Muntashir. And this song has been filmed with Amaal Mallik and Jasmin Bhasin.

VOICE: Amaal Malik
COMPOSER: Amaal Malik
LYRICIST: Manoj Muntashir

Pyaar Ek Tarfaa Lyrics

Na maine kuchh kaha hai
Na usne kuchh suna hai
Yeh khwab toh akele
Meri aankhon ne buna hai

Tadap hai sirf meri
Guroor bas mera hai
Nahi woh ismein shamil
Kasoor bas mera hai

Toh kya hua jo haal
Woh mera nahi samjhta

Mera pyar ek tarfaa
Mera pyaar ek tarfaa
Yeh bahaar ek tarfaa
Mera pyaar ek tarfaa

Kabhi din hai dhundhli dhundhli
Kabhi dhoop jaisi raatein
Koyi sarphira hi samjhe
Yeh sarphiri si baatein

Kayi taufe aur duaen
Main fizool bhejti hoon
Uski taraf se khud ko
Main phool bhejti hoon

Ajeeb sa nasha hai yeh
Nasha nahi utarta

Mera pyar ek tarfa
Mera pyar ek tarfa
Yeh bahaar ek tarfa
Mera pyar ek tarfa

Abhi kal hi toh mili thi
Khwabon ke mod par woh
Bheega tha raat bhar main
Barsi thi raat bhar woh

Jadoo hai ek aisa
Jo main hi jaanta hoon
Usko chue bina bhi
Uske gale laga hoon

Ab uske bin na ek pal
Mera kabhi guzarta

Mera pyaar ek tarfa
Mera pyaar ek tarfa
Yeh bahaar ek tarfa
Mera pyaar ek tarfa

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