Paagla Lyrics by B Praak: Tu kalla chhad ke challa si kamaal paagla, Tu jithe jayega jawange oh tere naal paagla... read full lyrics continue below.

This song is sung by B Praak and Asees Kaur in his own voice and it has been composed by B Praak in the best way. Talking about its lyrics, it is written by Jaani. And this song has been filmed with Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta.

VOICE: Asees Kaur, B Praak
FILM: Qismat 2 (2021)

Paagla Lyrics

Tu kalla chhad ke challa si kamaal paagla
Tu jithe jayega jawange oh tere naal paagla

Ho tere bina mera koyi hai vi nahi je tu nahi te main vi nahi
Ho tere naal chita jaani di oh baal pagla

Tu jithe jayega jawange oh tere naal pagla
Tere naal pagla ho tere naal paagla

Judaa yaar ton karna rabb di fitrat ae
Mainu marke mileya tu kaisi kismat ae

Kya aashiq gaye ne duniya ton lokaan ne vekh ke rona ae
Hath tera eh yaara ve mere hathan de wich hon ae
Hun nai jaana door tere ton aina aake kol tere
Sajjna ve aapaan dovaan ne ik chita te sona ae

Ho rabb ne challi aisi oh chaal paagla
Tu jithe jayega jawange oh tere naal paagla
Oh tere naal paagla ho tere naal paagla

Ho janam toh ek hi hota hai sab ek zindagi laate hai
Agle janam mein milenge hum yeh toh jhoothi baatein hai

Yahan pe ishq walon ka sabse bura haal hai jaani
Ho jab tak marte nahi deewane haye zehar khate hai
Yahi toh hota aaya hai, yahi toh hota rehna hai
Ho zyada paas aaye jo chand ke, woh taare toot jaate hain

Muskura tu jashan mana tu na udaas hovange
Ve je allah ne bulaya allah de khash hovange

Nafrat na ohde layi bhaal paagla

Jithe jawega jawange
Tu jithe jayega jawange oh tere naal paagla
Tere naal paagla ho tere naal paagla

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