Level Lyrics of Sunnyboy, Bohemia

Level Lyrics, The song is sung by SunnyBoy feat. Haji and Bohemia while music composed by Haji Springer and lyrics written by Bohemia and Haji Spriger.

SINGER: SunnyBoy, Haji, Bohemia
MUSIC BY: Haji Springer
LYRICS: Haji, Bohemia

Level Lyrics

NowN we dont understand what u talkin
Yo might just go ahead and keep walkin
Your bank acount sittin in my pocket
Your girl wanna go shoppin
As I am boss I dont clockin o..

I am all about my money
You know thats a fact
I am super turned up
Just killed a bottle of black
Every time I come around
You know I make it crack
And if I said then I mean it
I dont take it back

You aint on Level
No you never not.. (x3)

You ain't on my level.. (x4)

O.. you aint on my Level (x3)
O.. you you ain't on my level

Na, you aint on my level
No you never will be
So, so many people love me
Couple of haters wanna kill me
But it dont really matter
Cause imma still get this money
Just gotta call from my fame and motherland
And they saying street filling me

I did it I came in the game
And I said they lovin me now..
The same one said I wont be sh..
All tryna huggin me now..
I told all my real ones
When I go big imma open the door..
Just smoke the whole pack
And I feeling so good
I think I need some more, yeah

You aint on my Level
No u never not.. (X3)

You ain't on my level.. (x3)

You dont know..
You aint on my level
(yeah Haji Springer)

Wo, you aint on my level (x4)

Aapan roof top, top floor
Main of the match, top score
Mere do ball karen tod fod
Jiven rogers de shots do
One night stand ch' notan di thaddiyan
Meri ruberband ch'
Karli to do bangu main loco
B O H E M I A a rebel
Assi spacial jiven galliyaan ch paidal
B O H E M I A a rebel
Tussi aidan da time ni kadi vekh paoge
Bhaave karlo time travel..

You ain't on my Level
No u never not.. (x3)

You aint on my level (x4)

Wo, you aint on my Level (x4)

You ain't on my level...